Easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn educational resources for young children.

Super Simple Songs - Themes Series

Our themed CDs cover the popular topics of Animals, Halloween, and Christmas along with other basic topics such as counting, parts of the body, and food vocabulary.

Super Simple Songs - Animals

Super Simple Songs - Animals CD

Easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn songs featuring dozens of animals, the sounds they make, and the actions they do.

Good Morning, Mr. Rooster
Hickory Dickory...Crash!
Walking In The Jungle
Let's Go To The Zoo
...and 8 more super fun animal songs, plus sing-along tracks!

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Super Simple Songs - Halloween

Super Simple Songs - Halloween CD

Halloween songs that are super fun and not too scary, making them perfect for young learners!

Hello, My Friends
The Skeleton Dance
Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat?
Five Creepy Spiders
...and 8 more super fun Halloween songs, plus sing-along tracks!

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Super Simple Songs - Christmas

Super Simple Songs - Christmas CD

Finally! Christmas and winter songs made SIMPLE for young learners.

Little Snowflake
Jingle Bells
Santa, Where Are You?
...and 8 more super fun Christmas songs, plus sing-along tracks!

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Customer Reviews

Great as usual
I received the Animals and x-mas CDs and they are super (as usual). Just keep on doing whatever you're doing :) Lena

I received the animals CD yesterday...
...and just wanted to say that I so appreciate the hard work behind it and the understanding you have of what we ESL teachers need. The accompanying materials are wonderful and I now can relax this summer knowing I have an abundance of great materials to use when we start school in September. I have been using your other CDs with great success and the children love the songs and LEARN so much! Allison Italy

10 Stars!
This thing only goes as high as five stars...but this CD deserves much more. I just got this and have been looking through it and listening. I haven't had a chance to try the songs with my students yet but i KNOW they will love it. And the flashcards and worksheets...WOW! Great GREAT GREAT product! Risa

thank you
I bought your Halloween album a couple of months back, and I was so glad I did. Thank you for the great songs and all of the of teaching materials. I just received this album today and I'm so exited to see that it is full of great songs and other materials just like Halloween. i can't wait to start my holiday classes. Thank you! Jema Italy

Fun and really easy songs for EFL young learners
These songs are absolutely amazing. They are fun and really easy to learn. My young EFL students love them. We are going to use them in our Christmas celebration. Thanks a lot. Best wishes from beautiful Greece. Dora Tsiavou

An Excellent Purchase
I have used this CD for the past two Halloween holidays in my Montessori service. We had so much fun learning the songs, learning dances for each of the songs and playing lots of different games with the cards! The children absolutely love this CD and I would highly recommended it for any early years setting. Claire O' Grady Ireland

Simply amazing
I feel so prepared for my Halloween classes this year thanks to this CD. I can't wait to start using it! Rosa

What a great deal.
Just bought your Christmas Album and I am SO pleased with the quality of the songs, the simplicity of the music/lyrics, how well they will work with my grade one class, the awesome worksheets and best of all... background tracks for performing! What a great deal. Thanks so much. Monika Canada

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