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Language Focus Other songs about: Hello/Goodbye, emotions

Greetings. "Hello." "How are you?" "I'm _____."
Feeling words (good, great, wonderful, tired, hungry, not so good).

Hello! Lyrics and Actions

♫ Come on, let's sing.

Hello! [Wave your right hand.]
Hello! [Wave your left hand.]
Hello, how are you? [Wave your right hand, then gesture towards someone else, placing your arms in front of you in an "And you?" kind of gesture.]

I'm good! [One thumb up!]
I'm great! [Two thumbs up!]
I'm wonderful! [Jump in the air!]

Hello, how are you?

I'm tired. [Slouch your shoulders and sigh.]
I'm hungry. [Rub your tummy.]
I'm not so good. [One thumb down!]

Hello, how are you?
(Repeat 3x) ♫

Classroom Benefits

"Hello!" is a great song to start the day, or start a class with. This song was created to encourage kids to express varying degrees of feelings. Rather than just saying "fine" or robotically replying (as is the case with many ESL/EFL learners), "I'mfinethankyouandyou?" it provides useful language to young learners who might not have the vocabulary to express how they really feel.

Most of all, it's a fun and simple song designed to get kids moving and interacting.

Activity Ideas

Try singing the song in a circle, so that everyone can see and greet each other. With the banjo, the song has a little bit of a square dance feel to it, so kick up those knees and do-si-do your partner! 1

Sing the song in two lines with students facing each other. One line sings the verse the first time through and the second line responds by singing the verse the second time. Take turns during the chorus. Have students facing one another lock arms and do a quick spin at each break between the chorus and verse. 2

Pair this song with "If You're Happy" as a great way to discuss emotions. 3

Use this hello song on days when you are discussing food. It's a great lead in to seeing if students are hungry. 4

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