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Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song)

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Language Focus Other songs about: quiet time/calming

"Goodnight." "Close your eyes." "Go to sleep." "Sleep tight." "Sweet dreams." "I love you."

Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) Lyrics and Actions

♫ Goodnight to you. Goodnight to me. [Place one elbow on top of one hand and then lower the other hand to the other elbow, gesturing a setting sun.]
Now close your eyes and go to sleep. [Close your eyes and then rest your head against your hands.]
Goodnight. [Make the setting sun gesture.]
Sleep tight. [Hold your fists up to your chin as if you are snuggling with a blanket.]
Sweet dreams tonight. [Keeping your arms snuggled close to you, look up as if you are looking at your dreams in a thought bubble.]
I love you. [Point to self, hug yourself, and then point to the child. Or, make the American Sign Language sign for "I love you."]

Classroom Benefits

This is a great song to play before nap time at school, or bedtime at home. The simple lyrics and calm music allow children to go to sleep comfortably. The first verse is followed by several minutes of calming lullaby music. The next song on the CD is a lullaby medley, so you can leave the CD playing as the children drift off to sleep.

Activity Ideas

If you don't have nap time in your class, you can practice bedtime by giving each student (or groups of students) a teddy bear and a blanket. Let the students put the teddy bear to bed while singing "Sweet Dreams." 1

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