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Super Simple Songs One

Super Simple Songs One CD

Super Simple Songs is a collection of FUN, active songs that parents, kids, and teachers will LOVE singing together throughout the day. The songs introduce practical, useful language children can use to communicate right away.

These songs are ideal for nurseries, preschools, playgroups, special education classes, and children's ESL/EFL courses. Includes a bonus disc with sing-along tracks!

The Super Simple Songs CDs are ideal for nurseries, preschools, play groups, special education classes, and children's ESL/EFL courses. Buy Now!


01. Knock Knock Hello Saying, "Hello." Gathering together to begin class.
02. Make A Circle Gathering students together in a circle, and preparing for circle time activities.
03. Seven Steps Counting forwards and backwards from 1-7. Moving together.
04. One Little Finger Parts of the body. "Up" and "down."
05. Walking Walking Moving together in a circle. Action verbs.
06. Are You Hungry? Foods and asking/answering, "Are you hungry?"
07. Clean Up! Song to signal clean up time.
08. If You're Happy Emotions and actions.
09. Days Of The Week The days of the week.
10. I See Something Blue Colors and searching for colors around the room.
11. I See Something Pink Colors and searching for colors around the room.
12. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Learn It) Parts of the body, spoken first then sung slowly.
13. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Sing It) Parts of the body, singing at a regular tempo.
14. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Speeding Up) Parts of the body, getting faster and faster.
15. Ten In The Bed Counting down from 10-1. "Roll over!"
16. The Bath Song Parts of the body and asking/answering the question, "Can you....?"
17. Five Little Monkeys Counting down from 5-1. "No more..."
18. The Alphabet Song (Learn It) The alphabet A-Z, spoken first then sung slowly.
19. The Alphabet Song (Sing It) The alphabet A-Z, sung at a regular tempo.
20. Go Away! Telling scary creatures to GO AWAY!
21. What Do You Want For Christmas? Toys and asking/answering the question, "What do you want?"
22. Put On Your Shoes Clothing and getting dressed.
23. See You Later Goodbye song.
24. Please Sit Down And Storytime Music Calming tune to signal a quiet activity with 5 minutes of gentle background music.
25. Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) Reassuring bedtime song, "I love you."
26. Lullaby Medley* Instrumental medley of all songs on the album, great for naptime/quiet activities. *Not on sing-along disc.
    Plus Sing-along Tracks!

Customer Reviews

I find your CDs just fantastic and just the thing I needed to refresh and upgrade my teaching style. The kids come out of the classes singing the songs. And a parent told me her son broke out into singing The Bath Song in the bath! I had only sung the song with the boy once. Thank you. Luc Hyatt Nagasaki, Japan

Learning to say "Hello!" and "Good-bye!" is easier, cleaning up is easier, teaching songs is easier with you. "Uh-huh!" is fun to sing, "The Hokey Pokey" is fun to play, "Rock Scissors Paper" is... LOL! :) Thank you! Zerrin Kesoglugil Turkey

Love this CD and have been using these songs in my preschool special education class for a couple years! My students love the catchy tunes and I love how they emphasize the words and are at a little slower pace than some traditional kids songs! I also love the videos and resources to accompany them! Thanks so much Super Simple Songs!! Jessica

Super simple, super fun.
I love this CD. The songs are great. I use them with all age groups in my school (4-6 yrs old) They love each and every song but our favourite is "Walking Walking" :) Gulsum Ozkilinc

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