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Knock Knock English is a small English language school located in the southeastern part of metro Tokyo specializing in teaching English to young Japanese learners. For students ages 0 to 6 years old, the language lessons are heavily focused on music and movement.

Music is the foundation of all of the lessons. Songs are used from the moment the students enter the school by having a CD playing in the lobby while kids wait for their lessons to start.

When they enter the classroom, music is playing in the background as they put down their things and get settled. Class starts with a hello song and music is used to help transition through the different parts of the lesson and to assist in teaching language targets.

The songs are accompanied by gestures and learning tools, such as flashcards, activity sheets, realia, and crafts. Lessons are taught completely in English, by native English speaking teachers. There are also bilingual Japanese staff that assist in communicating with parents and students, as needed.

With the use of gestures and demonstrations, even the youngest, preverbal students learn to recognize basic commands and instructions such as touch, stand up, sit down, be quiet, listen, jump, clap, and turn around. Simple questions such as "Are you hungry?" and "How are you today?" are also introduced.

The curriculum is based on 12 monthly language themes. For each unit, there is an introduction, two lessons that interact with the language in different ways, and a craft or large activity to reinforce and review vocabulary. Several times a year, there are review units, when earlier vocabulary and phrases are re-visited.

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